Comments for VDGIF

The Virginia Waterfowlers’ Association (VAWFA) has establish this website page to allow licensed waterfowlers to make comments by email to the VAWFA outside of the VDGIF’s designated (migratory & waterfowl) public comments time period.  The VAWFA will forward the emails received to the VDGIF during the agency’s designated time period. Comments received after the agency's designated time period will be forward to VDGIF the following year.

The VAWFA will take email comments at randomly selected time periods determined by the VAWFA. Comments received by the VAWFA will not be published by the org for public viewing, nor will the org forward the comments to its membership. Disclosure of taken comments share be determined by the VDGIF. The VAWFA will not market or sell email addresses.

To make comments, licensed waterfowlers must fill in the required data boxes listed on the comment form. The required data boxes are listed as;
Name, Email address, Subject, Message and H.I.P. number.

 Comments emailed to the VAWFA must be related to:

  • the Webless Migratory Game Bird seasons (Dove, woodcock, snipe, rail, gallinule and moorhen)

  • September Canada Goose seasons

  • September Teal seasons

  • the later Migratory Waterfowl Hunting seasons (ducks, geese, swans).

Emails received with comments not related to the above listed topics will not be forwarded to VDGIF.

Emails received with threats, offensive, vulgar, obscene will be turned over to authorities. Sending threatening emails or messages through the Internet using instant messages or other means is a federal crime in the U.S. Statute 18 U.S.C. § 875(c) states: